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Plant-based Product development & production - Plant based Burger

Product Development, to create a natural, unprocessed, plant-based burger, range to complement their existing range of great burgers and sides


Truli Sustainable home meal delivery brand

From Sustainable Food Strategy development to Sustainable Sourcing Strategy, to Sustainable Recipe development, to Cooking the meals each week, photography, video…and more, our team are instrumental in the development of Truli – a new meal home delivery brand launched in West London

Linnaen Restaurant Opening

Launch of the Linnaean Restaurant, we developed the food strategy, sourcing strategy and initial men development

Plant-based Cooking Guide for Chefs

Creation of a guide for Chefs and Catering teams for catering to customers wanting plant-based meals

Allergen Awareness & Communications Training

Training in Allergen Awareness, and Communications, for Front of House Staff.  Covering the following:

Communications – internal & customer – Effective internal and external communications, to deliver safe, compliant service and a positive dining experience for customers


Communications – internal & customer – Positive communication techniques, role plays, practical skills to deliver a positive dining experience for customers; implementing effective internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for end to end enlightened customer dining experience from back to front of house

British Leeks Ambassador

The FIRST British Leeks Ambassador!  The brief was to demonstrate how versatile the British Leek is; how to use the whole leek to be more sustainable, and using our Nutrition credentials to promote the wonderful health benefits of leeks

"Live Vegan for Less" campaign

Live Vegan for Less aims to demonstrate a more cost-effective way of preparing nutritious vegan meals at home, showing that vegan living can be affordable for all – under £1.50 per serve.

We were tasked with creating a range of simple & affordable recipes, using staple ingredients – Oats, Lentils & Chickpeas

peru burger
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Not Just Nibbles collaboration

Working with the amazingly talented Danielle McCann, creator of the Not Just Nibbles kids home cooking kits, we created child-friendly recipes for kids to re-create at home, to help them learn how to cook healthy meals in a fun educational way.  Awarded Gold at Junior Design Awards 2020

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Fine Food Show North - 2020

Presenting on Main Stage at Fine Food Show North, on the topic of how to create more Sustainable food brands, and showcasing brands doing great things to be more Sustainable

Training Great Taste Judges in Plant-based and Free From

 Training the Great Taste Judges in Plant-based and Free-From principles, to empower them with the information they needed to make informed judging decisions for emerging products.  We also provided updated content on these topics for the Great Taste Judging Guide

The Fold logo

The Fold - Operations Manager, Marketing, Cafe Operations, Head Chef

Operations Manager for the entire complex – Organic Farm, Farm Shop, Therapy Centre, Artisan Studios, and overall management of re-opening the Cafe to a Vegetarian only menu

VegPower Campaign

Seasonal recipe creation for the VegPower campaign, to encourage more people to eat veg focused meals

The Vegetable Summit Live Cookalong - 2020

A Live Video Cook along for The Food Foundation’s Vegetable Summit, on World Food Day

Food Print - Presentation on plant proteins & plant-based cooking principles

Presentation as part of the SRA FoodPrint event, presenting to SRA Members on Plant proteins, and high level principles of plant-based cooking

Training Westminster Kingsway College Catering students in Fermentation

 Training the Westminster Kingsway College Catering students in Fermentation techniques and principles, covering also how to make Ferments safely in a Commercial kitchen, adhering to Food Safety Regulations

Plant Based Food. Almond, Soya or Soy and Rice Organic Fresh Milk. Non Dairy Food. Plant Based Vegan Food.

Plant-based Product development & production - Plant-based Milks

Product Development, to create a range of plant-based milks, with minimal additives and low sugar, for a client in the Middle East.

Julie cooking video shoot 3

Cooking Instructor - Plant-Based, Fermentation, Healthy Cooking

Regular cooking instructors to Adults and Children in plant-based, healthy cooking and fermentation

Sustainability in Food Sector Training

Training the RAU Catering team in Sustainability in the context of Food Sector

Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 16.21.50

Root Coffee Food Strategy & Menu refresh

Review of the food strategy and menu for Root Coffee Cafe, and creation of a revised food strategy, based on customer trends and competitor analysis.

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FarmED - Speaker on Soil Health & the link to Gut Health and Nutrient Density

Key Note Speaker on the topic of Soil Health, Gut Health and Nutrient Density of produce, and why we must look to soil as the primary focus for human and planetary health

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