Project Scope

Live Vegan for Less aims to demonstrate a more cost-effective way of preparing nutritious vegan meals at home, showing that vegan living can be affordable for all – under £1.50 per serve.

We were tasked with creating a range of simple & affordable recipes, using staple ingredients – Oats, Lentils & Chickpeas

Some of the "Live Vegan for Less" Recipes created...

Rainbow beetroot & carrot lentil falafel wrap, with seasonal salad and aqua faba mayo

Delicious light falafel using red lentils, and flavoured and coloured by nature with roasted beetroot & carrot, with a creamy aqua faba mayo

Chickpea & Pumpkin burger

Squash & chickpea burger with aqua faba mayo and pickled onions

This burger provides a healthy indulgence, being rich in fibre and protein from the squash & chickpeas. Pickled onions add a wonderful sweet tartness, and the creamy mayo adds to the indulgence

Lunch_Brunch - Potato & Leek rosti1

Potato & Leek rosti with herb oat crumb, with aqua faba mayo

A simple way to cook potatoes – combined with the herby oat crumb, this makes for a tasty savoury lunch.

Dinner - Winter vegetable 'cheezy' bake3

Winter vegetable bake with herb oat crumb

Wonderful roasted root vegetables with a creamy sauce made with butter beans, topped with a herb oat crumb, this dish is a great naturally gluten free Winter dish

Dinner - Paprika, mustard Leek & tofu plait THUMBNAIL

Leek & tofu plait with paprika and mustard

This recipe is a filling and comforting dinner option, making the most out of spices and seasonings to bring out flavours.  Serve with your favourite sald or greens

Crispy chickpeas 2

Smoky crispy chickpeas

The ultimate protein rich snack!  Or use as a topping on salads, or currys.

Breakfast - Overnight creamy oats with seasonal fruit THUMBNAIL

Overnight oats with seasonal fruit

Not only is this tasty oats recipe a nutritious way to start the morning, but it’s also super easy to put together. Why not experiment with different fruit toppings?

Breakfast - Savoury miso oats 1

Savoury miso oats with Leeks

If you’re bored of sweet oats or just fancy a savoury breakfast, then this dish is a great one to try. Inspired by Japanese cuisine, it uses miso paste and leek leaves to help add a rich flavour. This dish will keep you warm and full for hours!


Coronation chickpea sandwich filling

This creamy lightly spiced chickpea combination makes a brilliant sandwich filling, or pair with a salad for some added protein and texture

Lunch - Potato stacks with tofu and leek 1 THUMBNAIL

Potato stacks with leek & tofu

This recipe makes the most out of wonderful versatile potatoes, and makes a large portion with only few ingredients.

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 17.10.56

Lentil sausage rolls

A healthier and tastier alternative to the high street versions! These lentil sausage rolls make for a great lunch or snack.

Screenshot 2022-04-15 at 16.28.24

Yellow split pea and pumpkin risotto, stuffed pumpkin

An alternative to a rice risotto, this version uses nutritious yellow lentils, which are not only delicious but rich in fibre. A creamy coconut sauce makes this recipe a great winter warming dinner.

"Live Vegan for Less" video promo photos

Live Vegan for Less - 3 initial recipes (1)
Oats - Overhead shot

Video stories

We created instructional cooking and promotional video stories for the Vegan Society campaigns.  They can be seen here

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