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We are an experienced team of Nutrition trained Chefs

Helping Retail and Food-service businesses create planet-friendly, healthy food for environmental & health conscious customers

Food that's good for People & Planet

Dining out is changing

A food revolution is happening as consumers recognise the link between their food choices, their personal health, and the health of the planet 
This has seen huge numbers of people adopting a ‘flexitarian’ diet, by actively reducing their meat and dairy intake

Added to this, Allergy UK estimate that 45% of UK Adults are affected by a food allergy or intolerance.
With these rapidly changing dining habits, from a large customer base, the Retail and Hospitality industry are struggling to keep pace in their ability to cater well for these changing tastes and preference

How we can help

We are a collective of Chefs, who are all Nutrition trained, and specialists in plant-based & allergen-free cooking, at the forefront of a new wave of exciting, innovative developments in food and hospitality

We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you cater to more customers 

We have over 40 years collective experience in food-service businesses in London, New York, Spain, Australia & South Africa.  We’ve developed exciting, innovative menus for some of London’s leading Hotels, including The Langham, St James, The Dorchester, The Metro and The Curtain, other London restaurants such as Linnaean, Stem & Glory, as well as Health & Wellness retreats in the UK & abroad.

Our Services

From supply chain & operational controls, to essential Kitchen skills, to empowering your Front of House teams to deliver a great, and safe experience to all customers, regardless of their dietary needs, our Services are designed to work with you and your team to help you succeed

With our skills, expertise & extensive network we can help you create exciting, delicious menus,  introduce you to the right suppliers, and benchmark your operations against industry standards, legislation & customer expectations, so you can attract more customers and be more profitable

Menu Development

Menu Development

We help you and your teams create exciting, innovative dishes, for customers wanting plant-based, allergen-free or healthy & nutritious meals, without losing sight of what makes your business unique

Kitchen skills

Kitchen Training

From plant-based & allergen-free techniques, reducing food waste, to latest healthy trends such as fermentation, vegan cheeses & more, we share our experience & skills so your team can develop their own tasty, innovative dishes

Front of House

Front of House

Empower your customer facing staff with the knowledge, tools and communication skills they need to provide excellent customer service to all customers, and safe confident answers to questions around allergens & ingredients



We have an extensive network of suppliers of quality plant-based & allergen-free ingredients & products, helping you to easily source the right produce for your menu

Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness

There's more to it than adding a couple of new plant-based & allergen-free menu items. We benchmark against industry standards, legislation, & customer expectations, so you can be confident you are operationally compliant



We help you automate & streamline your processes from menu development, to kitchen & front of house communications, to compliant food labelling, through to customer facing phone apps for personalised menu preference filtering

Our clients

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NEW Webinars & Online Training.....specifically tailored for the Food-service industry

We provide Training & Webinars covering a range of challenges that food-service businesses face in being able to cater well for health conscious & environmentally aware diners - from Operational considerations, to required Kitchen skills & techniques, to essential information for your customer facing Front of House staff


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