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Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Sustainability Benchmarking Report

The first step in creating your business Sustainability Roadmap is to understand how Sustainable your business currently is, and where you can improve.

Our unique assessment doesn’t just focus on Carbon impacts – our experienced team understand all too well that there’s far more to Sustainability and the Food sector that your business needs to comply with.

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

QR code and Certification

There’s more to Sustainability than understanding carbon emissions.  Just because a meal is low in carbon, does not mean it is healthy for us, or healthy for the planet.

That’s whey we created a more holistic, robust methodology to signpost truly sustainable menu items to customers looking for healthy and sustainable food

Recipe Development

Sustainable Recipes

Our team of Chefs have multiple years of experience creating delicious low-carbon, sustainable, plant-forward recipes and full menus for restaurants, brands and hotels in the UK and further afield 

We are highly experienced in creating recipes that are free-from the 14 regulated allergens, as well as experts in fermentation, and creative food ‘waste’ repurposing, and can create menus that will attract a large customer base, regardless of their dietary choices

Sustainable Supplier Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing strategies

How truly sustainable is your supply chain?

We can help you assess your current suppliers, and source new more sustainable suppliers, so that you can reduce your impacts on the environment, and human health.

Sustainability Training

Empower your teams

Our CPD Accredited Training enables you to train your whole team from Back to Front of House in Sustainability – from sustainable menu creation in your kitchen, to Front of House customer facing conversations, to understanding the right sourcing questions to ask suppliers


Front of House

On Farm

Chef Supply

A valuable extension to your team

Need extra Chefs who are specialists in delivering healthy, sustainable, low-carbon, plant-forward food?  

With specialisms covering: sustainable, low-carbon, plant-based, free-from, fermentation and waste repurposing, our Chefs can provide valuable extra support when you need it

Need help starting your Sustainable Food Strategy?

Why not start with our intro day

Sustainability Intro Day

Not sure where to start with creating your business Sustainability Roadmap?  Our Intro Day can be a great way to start. 

We work with you to co-create a Sustainability Roadmap for your business, so you can be more sustainable and profitable

Think of us as a valuable extension to your team....

With a strong understanding of Sustainability and extensive networks from Farm to Fork We are unique

Our expertise combines Sustainability credentials, Regenerative Agriculture and Soil Health, Supply Chain expertise and Nutrition trained Sustainable Chefs specialising in low-carbon, healthy sustainable food

From your menu to your suppliers, to Training your teams, we provide a single team solution to support you on your Sustainability journey

What our customers say

London Burger Co.
"You're helping our business be more Sustainable with the banging burgers you've created, and the Sustainable suppliers you've sourced for us", CEO
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Flat Earth Pizza
"The Healthy People, Healthy Planet QR codes really help us tell our Sustainability stories to our customers" Sarah Brading
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"The Sustainable Sourcing Report you've done for us is helping us make more Sustainable Supplier choices, and tell our customers about them" Jackie Bailey, CEO
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Sustainability for Food Sector Training

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