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British Natural Burger - BnB

Awesome umami flavour and packed with great sources of plant-based protein, using British Carlin peas, with a creamy sweet green pea’comole.  Topped off with a Kimchi ketchup, and a delicious burger sauce, this burger is a guilt free healthier choice, that is also kind to the planet


Pulled Artichoke Burger

Artichoke like you’ve never tasted before!  The more sustainable choice to Jackfruit, this burger is a powerhouse of flavours, made even more awesome with the added benefits of our signature Kimchi ketchup and burger sauce

White bean, artichoke and herb burger with aquafaba burger sauce on carrot bun with hemp seeds

Wicked White Bean Burger

Creamy white beans flavoured with garlic, lemon and herbs, on a carrot bun.  With pickled cabbage and our banging burger sauce, what’s not to love?!

Project Scope

From Sustainable Recipe development to Sustainable Sourcing Strategy, to photography, video…and more, Sustainable Kitchen Consultants have helped London Burger Co. in developing their Sustainability Strategy.  The entire range of burgers use regeneratively grown UK ingredients, and other locally grown ingredients so that they are healthier for us, and the planet

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