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Offering healthy and sustainable food options is more important than ever

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Health & Nutrition ranked 3rd out of 8 top drivers for food choices in UK survey; Environment ranked 6th

With our combined 40+ years Hospitality experience, plus solid Sustainability credentials,

We are the perfect extension to your team, to help you implement and embed Real sustainable solutions

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

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There’s more to Sustainability than understanding carbon emissions.  Just because a meal is low in carbon, does not mean it is healthy for us, or healthy for the planet.

That’s whey we created a more holistic, robust methodology to signpost truly sustainable menu items to customers looking for healthy and sustainable food

Customers love to know more about how their food is produced. Use our certification and QR code  to shine a spotlight on your delicious, healthy, and sustainable menu items

We assess individual meals using our unique assessment, taking into account health & environmental factors, and using recognised data sources.  See more about our methodology here

You will get a full breakdown of the results, which helps you understand the impact of your food (and how to make it even healthier and more sustainable).

For qualifying meals, you then get the opportunity to display the Healthy People, Healthy Planet certification mark next to these meal options on your website, menus, takeaway items and phone ordering apps

Healthy and Lower in carbon = Sustainable

Showcase your sustainable menus, so that health & environmentally conscious consumers can easily identify and choose sustainable menu items

Recipe Development

Our team of Chefs have multiple years of experience creating delicious low-carbon, sustainable, plant-forward recipes and full menus for restaurants, brands and hotels in the UK and further afield

We are also highly experienced in creating recipes that are free-from the 14 regulated allergens, as well as experts in fermentation and creative ‘food waste’ repurposing, and can create menus that will attract a large customer base, regardless of their dietary choices, you can attract more customers and be more profitable.

Our team of Sustainability and Nutrition trained Chefs help you develop low carbon, healthy recipes and menus that will reduce your emissions, and attract sustainably minded customers

When you work with us, you get the collective experience, insight and ideas of a highly experienced team 

We have the Sustainability & Nutrition credentials & practical skills and 40+ years collective experience working in Food service & Food product production businesses in London, New York, Spain, Australia & South Africa, and with Brands & Retail in the UK.  We’ve developed exciting, innovative menus for some of London’s leading Hotels, including The Langham, St James, The Dorchester, The Metro and The Curtain, other London restaurants such as Linnaean, Stem & Glory, as well as Health & Wellness retreats in the UK & abroad

Recipe specifications

We provide detailed specifications for each recipe created for you

Sustainable Sourcing Strategies

How truly sustainable is your supply chain?

We can help you assess your current suppliers, and source new more sustainable suppliers, so that you can reduce your impacts on the environment, and human health.

We assess your existing suppliers, and connect you with our extensive network of Farmers and Suppliers with a Sustainable ethos, to help you build more sustainable sourcing strategies

Drawing on our extensive network of sustainable suppliers and regenerative farmers, and our supply chain experience, we help you develop sustainable sourcing strategies that reduce your emissions, and other environmental and health impacts.  

All businesses need to reduce their scope 3 emissions, to achieve Net Zero targets, and we connect you with suppliers who are pro-actively reducing theirs, so that you can build collaborative partnerships that achieve a more positive impact on our world, helping you be more sustainable and profitable.

Sustainable Sourcing Report

An assessment of your current suppliers and their sustainability credentials

Supplier recommendation and comparison Report

Recommendations for more sustainable suppliers, with comparisons against your current suppliers

Sustainability Training

Does your team have the skills and knowledge to deliver a Sustainable food offering to customers?

Learn from our expert team, so that you can empower your teams to confidently deliver a great experience to your customers

Our CPD Accredited Training enables you to train your whole team from Back to Front of House in Sustainability – from sustainable menu creation in your kitchen, to Front of House customer facing conversations, to understanding the right sourcing questions to ask suppliers

Our Training covers topics such as plant-based cooking, low-carbon recipe creation, fermentation, waste repurposing, free-from allergens, seasonal, healthy, and more.  We come to you, to train your teams in your kitchen, with your equipment, working with your existing style and menus as a starting point

Partnered with

Back of House - In Kitchen

On Farm Training - for your whole team

Sustainability expert team with FarmED

Front of House - Customer Facing

Sustainability Intro Day

Not sure where to start with creating your business Sustainability Roadmap?  Our Intro Day can be a great way to start. 

We work with you to co-create a Sustainability Roadmap for your business, so you can be more sustainable and profitable

We meet with you and your team to discuss your Sustainability goals, and understand your operations, and help you create a Roadmap to be more sustainable and profitable, without losing sight of what makes you successful and unique

Chef Supply

Need extra Chefs who are specialists in delivering healthy, sustainable, low-carbon, plant-forward food?  

Our team can be a valuable extension to your team for one-off events, short or medium term projects, or for extended periods.

With specialisms covering: sustainable, low-carbon, plant-based, free-from, fermentation and waste repurposing, our Chefs can provide valuable extra support when you need it

A trained sustainability expert chef
Sustainability experts showcasing menu development

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