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Hosted by Sustainable Kitchen Consultants, experts in sustainable, low-carbon healthy recipe development and sustainable ingredient sourcing, and in partnership with leading experts in Sustainability and ethical Procurement

Help us shape the future of sustainable supply chains in the UK!

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A three-part event series focused on Sustainable Sourcing strategies for Hospitality

Help us shape the future of Sustainable supply chains in the UK!

Hosted by Sustainable Kitchen Consultants, experts in sustainable, low-carbon healthy recipe development and sustainable ingredient sourcing, and in partnership with leading experts in Sustainability and ethical procurement

Bringing together Chefs, Hospitality, Operations and Sourcing Managers with leading food sector sustainable supply chain partners, these events will explore and pro-actively tackle current UK supply chain challenges

Through interactive presentations and workshops, we will harness the power of the collaborative experience of the food sector to build more informed and closer connections between Hospitality and Farmers and Wholesalers, to create more sustainable businesses for the benefit of all!

With current industry challenges being significant – record cost of food inflation, staff shortages, record closures in the independent sector, the Hospitality sector is going through some testing times again.  

At the same time the IPCC Report recently published has shown collectively we are way behind targets to reduce emissions to avoid global warming of 1.5C

Hospitality has significant external targets to meet around Sustainability such as the Government’s Net Zero targets, demand for broader ESG Reporting, and other related regulations to comply with.

There are also many mixed messages out there about how to meet Net Zero, including adopting a ‘Less but better meat’ approach, and the relevance or not of counting carbon emissions, plus many other regulations relating to health and calories, and new terms such as ‘regenerative’ being used.

There’s a LOT going on! So how do you find clarity?

These events aim to bring together key industry sustainable supply change agents such as Soil Association Certification, The Ethical Butcher, Pasture for Life Assurance, to provide clarity and to help drive solutions to some of the key challenges we all face as we look to adopt more sustainable supply chains

Participants are invited to attend 1, 2 or all 3 of the events, with DISCOUNT for booking all 3

Event 1 – Sustainable Sourcing Strategies in Hospitality: Opportunities, Issues, Barriers

Tuesday 18th April, 2023 6pm – 9pm

Dutch Church 7 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA

An introductory workshop exploring the key opportunities, issues and barriers within sustainable food sourcing in the Hospitality sector, and why we must do better.  A chance to connect with peers and industry leaders – sharing knowledge and insight

You’ll have an opportunity to network and learn from the diverse range of experts and gain a deeper understanding of how to implement a Sustainable sourcing strategy in your business


Event 2 – Sustainable Sourcing Strategies in Hospitality: Finding Solutions

Tuesday 23rd May, 2023 6pm – 9pm

The Duke of Cambridge Pub, 30 St Peter’s Street, London N1 8JT

A workshop seeking potential solutions within sustainable food sourcing in the Hospitality sector and how we can and must go further.  A chance to connect with peers – sharing knowledge and good practice

This workshop will draw from the discussions in Event 1.  Event 1 and 2 lead to a deeper on-farm event at FarmED.  Participants are invited to attend 1, 2 or all 3 events for a DISCOUNT.

Event 2 will dive deep into pro-actively worshopping the food sector’s current supply chain challenges, to tease out possible solutions that can drive positive outcomes, that can inform the foundations needed for more Sustainable sourcing strategies, and drive stronger connections to sustainable farmers and growers.  Facilitated by leading experts in Sustainability and ethical Procurement.

Hosted at London’s first Organic Pub – The Duke of Cambridge, and facilitated by Sustainable Kitchen Consultants and partners, this event is another example of the Culpeper Group’s ongoing work to drive Sustainability in the Hospitality sector

£15 per ticket includes Organic seasonal canapés and nibbles from the pub team.  Drinks will be available at the bar

Event 3 – Sustainable Sourcing Strategies in Hospitality: From Farm to Fork at FarmED

Wednesday 12th July, 2023 9am – 5.30pm

FarmED, Station Road, Shipton-under-Wychwoood, England OX7 6BJ

A one-day CPD Accredited course – Sustainability in the Food Sector

A unique opportunity for those working in the food sector to immerse themselves in sustainable agriculture and learn more about farm to fork sourcing strategies that benefit planet, people and business. 

This course is ideal for chefs, caterers, sourcing managers, buyers, food entrepreneurs, front of house, hospitality managers….in fact anyone involved in sourcing, creating and serving great food!  Come on your own or bring your team

This course is a unique opportunity to visit FarmED, the pioneering food and farming education centre and demonstration farm in the Cotswolds, to learn from sustainability and nutrition trained chefs, and to share knowledge with colleagues and peers.

During this one-day course you will hear first-hand from agroecological educators and regenerative farmers at FarmED to:


  • Gain insight into the challenges and opportunities in sustainable agriculture and horticulture
  • Explore the role of soil health and biodiversity, and how this relates to the food we grow, local supply chains, nutritional density and taste
  • Walk the farm and learn more about sustainable grass fed lamb and beef production, small scale dairying, no dig salad and high value vegetable growing, natural honey, heritage wheat and traditional orchards
  • Discuss key farming terminology (grass-fed, pasture-fed, organic nature friendly, free-range, sustainable, regenerative, local rare breed, high welfare etc) and examine how these terms sit (or don’t sit!) with the range of established and newer labels and assurance schemes (e..g. Organic, Pasture for Life, Red Tractor, Wildfarmed, LEAF, RSPCA Assured)

Participants will also work with sustainability and nutrition trained chefs from Sustainable Kitchen Consultants to:

  • Plan an effective sustainable sourcing strategy for your kitchen, and your next steps
  • Plan food ‘waste’ reduction techniques as part of your sustainable menu planning, to reduce waste and cut costs
  • Develop and critique a sample menu
  • Identify the business benefits and added value of sustainable sourcing, transparency, and storytelling

We will also continue on from the workshop output from Hospitality experts from events held in London in April and May, to obtain valuable sustainable farming experience and insight from the FarmED team 

This event has been co-curated by Sustainable Kitchen Consultants and the FarmED team

Listen to the recent FarmED podcast interview with Julie Cleijne, CEO & Founder of Sustainable Kitchen Consultants here:

This event forms part of the CPD Accredited Sustainability for Food Sector Training Module, developed by Sustainable Kitchen Consultants.  Participants can choose to take wider modules (3 events beginning in London in April and May) or just this third ever as a standalone.

£145 (incl. VAT) per ticket includes full day session (9.00 – 5.30pm) with CPD Accredited Training in Sustainability and includes a seasonal, nutritious lunch created by the FarmED team, and a 2 hour Farm Walk and Talk, along with refreshments throughout.

DISCOUNT FOR ALL 3 EVENTS – Register via Eventbrite for all 3 events, or individually.  Get 10% DISCOUNT for booking all 3 events, AND empower your teams with stronger understanding of sustainability challenges from farm to fork, and an opportunity to gain CPD Accredited Training credits with Event 3.

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