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The FIRST British Leeks Ambassador!  Our role was to create recipes, and videos to demonstrate how versatile the British Leek is; how to use the whole leek to be more sustainable, and using our Nutrition credentials to promote the wonderful health benefits of leeks

Some of the Leek recipes created...


Leek leaf 'wantons'

Leek leaves are most certainly not to be ignored or discarded!  These wantons are inspired by wonderful global dishes like banana leaf wrapped parcels, cabbage rolls and dolmas.  Delicious, and great for entertaining


Leek heart salad with fig, walnut, spinach and cashew 'cheese'

A wonderful salad using the ‘heart’ of the leek, the delicious light green centre of the leek leaves, which are far too often discarded.  Lightly sautéed, and served. on a salad of buckwheat, spinach and topped with walnuts, figs and a cashew ‘cheese’

Leek canape

Leek canapés

With their striking natural green gradients, leek stems make for a beautiful canapé with a difference.


Leek plait

A wonderful plait filled with a 100% plant based creamy leek filling, with apple and pear. 

Partridge with Leek leaf salsa verde

Partridge citrus salad with leek hearts and leek salsa verde dressing

Created for British Game Week this light and refreshing recipe for British Game Alliance with delicious roasted partridge breast on a bed of leeks and watercress, with a delicious salsa-verde dressing.
British Leeks make a great salad vegetable for the Winter months, and we used the stem of the leek for the salad, and the dark green leek leaves in the salsa-verde dressing, so there’s #zerowaste
Leeks are a great source of gut friendly pre-biotics and rich in fibre, so great for our health as well as delicious.
Served warm, this is a lovely light lunch or dinner.
Game meat is a fantastic sustainable and healthy meat option. Unlike other meat farming methods, there are no chemicals used to harvest wild game birds, and no hormones, abattoirs, animal housing, or extra land required to grow cereals or grains to feed

Creamy leek soup with potato rosette

A lighter version of the traditional leek and potato soup, with a lovely roasted potato rosette atop delicious leek soup, with. a leek vegetable stock.  With garlic and chilli this is a supercharge for your gut and immune system!


Glamorgan mini Wellingtons, with celeriac and potato mash with leek leaves, crispy cavalo nero

Created for St David’s Day – National day in Wales, to shine a spotlight on leeks and Welsh produce in general, this dish uses wonderful creamy caerphilly cheese, paired with creamy mash and cavolo nero


Leek canneloni

A unique and delicious way to use leek stems, in place of wheat pasta sheets, this great naturally gluten-free dish is paired with a creamy bechemal sauce made with English mature cheddar cheese, and topped with an oat crumb, to celebrate lovely British produce


Fermented Leeks - leaves and stem

Leeks are a fantastic natural source of gut friendly pre-biotics, and so fermented leeks provides not only the pre but also the post biotic goodness our guts need.  An absolute party for your gut!  A delicious addition to everything from sandwiches, to salads, and everything in between

Leek stock

Stock made with leeks as the star of the show provides fantastic inulin, which is a natural pre-biotic, and necessary for maintaining good gut bacteria, for optimum health.  Plus this stock is packed with flavour, and a great way of using every part of the leek.


Christmas wreath with Leek

Leeks are one of those great vegetables that is in season in Winter, when our bodies need strong immune boosting goodness to get us through the cold seasons.  So including Leeks in your Christmas dishes makes sense not only from a flavour perspective, but also for health.  

Turkish style Gozleme, with Leeks

Gozleme with leek

As part of Real Bread Week  we created this great Turkish style gozleme bread.  Delicious, and packed full of healthy goodness.


Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 14.47.12

Leek and fava bean dip

Move over guacamole, you have a British grown more delicious contender for favourite dip!  This dip is packed full of fiblre and protein, and a wonderful creamy texture.  

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 15.02.14

Baked Leeks with Fig, Walnut and Crumbly Cheese

Leek stems baked in the oven within minutes, make a fantastic side dish, or main, depending on your choice of toppings.  Roasting them brings out the wonderful sweetness, which can be complemented by figs, or offset by savoury toppings.  Simple, healthy and delicious

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 15.05.51

Leek & pumpkin rosti

A great brunch dish using all British grown produce.  It combines with a herby crumb made from oats.  This makes for a tasty savoury lunch also
Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 15.09.41

Leek leaf chips

Maximising the whole leek means making the most out of the wonderful leek leaves, and these chips are simply delicious! 


Baked Leeks with Fig, Walnut and Crumbly Cheese

Created for Veganuary  this dish is an all British poke style bowl , with wonderful fava beans instead of usual edamame beans, leek hearts and crumbed tofu on British kale and red cabbage salad 

Leek & Buckwheat pizza with leek pesto, purple sprouting broccoli and sunflower seed 'cheese'

Created for World Health Day 2021, this pizza is made using British seasonal produce, naturally gluten free using hearty buckwheat flour.  All parts of the leek have been used, in the pizza base and in the delicious pesto topping

British Leek Video stories

A couple of the Video stories promoting British Leeks, their versatility and their health benefits

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