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Julie’s unique experience spans the full Farm to Fork supply chain, combining Sustainability consultant, Naturopathic Sustainable Chef, having qualified from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2017. Her experience includes regenerative Farming and strong Business acumen with 25+ years Corporate Consulting experience. She works with key actors across the full Food Supply Chain from Farmers to Food Producers, Independent Retail, and Chefs & Hospitality Operations, and has a deep understanding of the Environmental and Regulatory and Commercial challenges food sector businesses face across both Health & Environment

Julie has been a key contributor to the first UK Nutrient Density trials, looking at the nutrient value and health of soil and produce, and the fundamental way this impacts our human and environmental health, and is a Key Note Speaker on the varied topics of plant-based, free-from, soil health, gut health, nutrient density, and sustainability in food sector.   She has formed strong partnerships with notable brands and leading food sector businesses, and collaborates on many sector initiatives designed to regenerate the UK food sector. She is currently completing an MBA in Innovation in Sustainable Food & Agriculture. 

Founder and sustainability expert Julie Cleijne



Some Key Note Speaker events

A selection of events where Julie has been a panel or Keynote Speaker

Conscious consumerism

Educating your customer and understanding your customers’ expectations go hand-in-hand when it comes to sustainability. As consumer demands drive more choices in all aspects of your business, what actions make the most impact? From supply-chain shake-ups, transitioning to unpackaged, recycling efforts and revitalising business values, our panel of experts will leave you inspired to evolve for 2022 and beyond

British Leeks Ambassador

The FIRST British Leeks Ambassador!  The brief was to demonstrate how versatile the British Leek is; how to use the whole leek to be more sustainable, and using our Nutrition credentials to promote the wonderful health benefits of leeks

Food Matters Live

Retail trends spotlight – The future of plant-based and purpose purchasing.

The drivers for growth in plant-based, vegan and mean free trends show no signs of abating as consumers look to modify their diets towards plant-based alternatives.

With recent estimations for global plant based market predicting a value of USD 480 billion by 2024, explore just how much potential the category has to offer – from vegan, vegetarian to the growing flexitarian market – together with retail channels to reach these consumers and the growing trend of ‘purpose purchasing’

Podcast with Tried & Supplied

Creation of a guide for Chefs and Catering teams for catering to customers wanting plant-based meals

Ethical Eats - How Sustainable is your business?

Operations Manager for the entire complex – Organic Farm, Farm Shop, Therapy Centre, Artisan Studios, and overall management of re-opening the Cafe to a Vegetarian only menu

Sustainable Sourcing - From Soil Health to Gut Health to Nutrient Density

Julie Cleijne speaks on the important link between soil health, gut health and the nutrient density of our produce, and Why businesses right across the food chain need to consider soil health as part of a Sustainable Sourcing Strategy, for the health of humans as well as the planet

Training Great Taste Judges in Plant-based and Free From

 Training the Great Taste Judges in Plant-based and Free-From principles, to empower them with the information they needed to make informed judging decisions for emerging products.  We also provided updated content on these topics for the Great Taste Judging Guide

The Vegetable Summit Live Cookalong - 2020

A Live Video Cook along for The Food Foundation’s Vegetable Summit, on World Food Day

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Fine Food Show North - 2020

Presenting on Main Stage at Fine Food Show North, on the topic of how to create more Sustainable food brands, and showcasing brands doing great things to be more Sustainable

Soil Health, Gut Health and Nutrient density

 Speaking to Farmers on the fundamental link between soil health, gut health, and nutrient density

Food Matters Live

Why is the exceptional growth of the free-from market not being reflected in Restaurant menus?

Estimated at £837m in 2018, the UK free-from market has grown 133% from 2013 – 2018.

So with such unprecedented growth, why is this not reflected better in the Hospitality industry menu offerings? Why are hospitality businesses not catering better for customers who want to enjoy a dining out experience, that caters to their dietary needs? What are the barriers? Is it consumers not asking enough for what they need and want? Is it the skills and knowledge of kitchen teams? Are Front of House staff effectively trained in managing the specific queries from these customers? And will new allergen labelling regulations drive more restaurants and cafes to provide better free-from menu choices? But most importantly, what are the opportunities that exist for businesses who get it right?

Sustainable & Healthy Menu planning

Keynote Speaker on approaching menu planning with a consideration for Sustainability & Nutrition

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