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We help businesses implement food strategies that incorporate sustainable diets & supply chains, that are Healthy for People & Planet, and good for business

Who we work with

Food Service

Restaurants, Hotels, Public Sector Catering, Stadia, Conference Centres, and more

Food Service sector

Restaurants, Hotels, Public Sector Catering, Stadia, Conference Centres, and more
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From Back of House to Kitchen to Front of House, we help Food service businesses cater well to customers wanting low-carbon, plant-based, free-from or health centric meals

Food Brands

New Challenger Brands, Existing Brands

Food Brands

New Challenger Brands, Existing Brands
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We help new and existing Food Brands appeal to customers wanting plant-based, healthy & free-from foods, through new product development, recipe development, and leveraging our extensive network of experienced partners

Independent Retail

Farm Shops, Delis, Independent Grocers

Independent Retail

Farm Shops, Delis, Independent Grocers
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Plant-based, free-from & healthy foods are well and truly in the mainstream.  Our advisory services help Independent Retailers cater well to customers wanting these products, helping them increase profits and gain customer loyalty

Fresh Produce Growers

Farmers, Grower Associations

Fresh Produce Growers

Farmers, Grower Associations
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Health is Wealth! By helping you connect your Fresh Produce products with consumer health and environmental concerns, we can help you increase profits

How we can help

We have years of experience of creating delicious, low-carbon, sustainable, plant-forward menus, and training businesses in creating their own

We have the Health credentials & practical skills to bring your food story to life, in ways your customer can relate to and integrate into their day-to-day lives, whether they be consumers, Chefs, or wholesalers.

When you work with us, you get the collective experience, insight and ideas of a highly experienced and passionate team. 

 We have over 40 years collective experience working in Food service & Food product production businesses in London, New York, Spain, Australia & South Africa, and with Farmers & Brands & Retail in the UK.  We’ve developed exciting, innovative menus for some of London’s leading Hotels, including The Langham, St James, The Dorchester, The Metro and The Curtain, other London restaurants such as Linnaean, Stem & Glory, as well as Health & Wellness retreats in the UK & abroad

What our customers say

Helping the Truli brand be a leading Sustainable Home Meal Delivery brand

“We were hesitant about being a 100% plant-based brand, but you are all such STARS in the Kitchen, we are now hooked on your delicious, healthy plant-based food”

Kaisa Leople – CEO Truli

“Your food is so delicious, and the seasonality, reusable packaging and all your sustainable ethos means you’ve replaced Mindful Chef in our household!”

Truli Customer


“We have the Nutrition credentials, skills and specialist expertise to help your business appeal to customers who value health & nutrition, and sustainably produced food”

Giacomo Ranalli

Latest Projects


Truli Sustainable home meal delivery brand

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Plant-based Product development & production - Plant based Burger

Plant Based Food. Almond, Soya or Soy and Rice Organic Fresh Milk. Non Dairy Food. Plant Based Vegan Food.

Plant-based Product development & production - Plant-based Milks

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Sustainability Training, Catering Food Strategy

Some of our great clients

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