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Sustainability experts

We are an experienced team of Sustainability experts and Nutrition and Sustainability trained Chefs who are specialists in low carbon, seasonal, plant based & free-from, helping food sector businesses create sustainable food strategies that are healthier for people and our planet

Our credentials and experience go beyond just Nutrition Training, and our specialist knowledge is more holistic incorporating sustainable diets, and working with the seasons, locally grown produce and with ingredients as close to as nature intended, and with a focus on their health giving properties as much as taste and creativity. 

As sustainability experts with kitchen knowledge and experience, coupled with our business management experience, and supported by an extensive network of industry specialists and suppliers, we have the ability to transform businesses, using creative, well-made healthy food, sustainable sourcing, to attract more customers, and help them reduce carbon emissions

Food that's good for People, Planet & Business

We help Food sector businesses attract more health aware, and environmentally conscious consumers, so they can be more profitable & sustainable

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