About us

We are an experienced team of nutrition trained Chefs who are specialists in plant based & allergen-free cooking, at the forefront of a new wave of menu development; creating exciting plant based food that is healthier for people and our planet

With our knowledge and experience of current & healthy food trends and techniques, coupled with our business management experience, and supported by an extensive network of industry specialists and suppliers, we have the ability to transform food service businesses, using simple, well-made healthy food, to attract more customers

Our story

With more than 40 years combined food service experience - the team have launched & managed restaurants, developed menus for London's leading hotels, taught new aspiring chefs in specialist plant-based & healthy cooking techniques, and more...

We want to give everyone the same freedom of choice and quality dining experience whether they have a specific dietary requirement such as an allergy or intolerance, or are making food choices based on environmental and sustainability factors

Our Founder Julie was inspired to create Sustainable Kitchen Consultants after her own allergies and intolerances meant she struggled to find adequate choice of available dishes in restaurants.  She is driven by a vision for food equality for all.

With Sustainable Kitchen Consultants, her aim is to increase the number of food service businesses that cater well for people with allergies and intolerances, along with flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans.

Sustainable Kitchen Chefs

Julie Cleijne

Naturopathic Chef, CEO & Founder

Ashleigh Pienaar

Naturopathic Chef, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Strategy & Marketing,

Sarah-Jane Brickell

Plant-based Chef, Private Chef

Sonia Espana

Plant-based Chef, Allergen-free cooking specialist, Cooking Teacher

Alessandra Felice

Plant-based Chef, Allergen-free cooking specialist, Nutritional Therapist

Katie Wheaton

Plant-based Chef, Allergen-free cooking specialist, Nutritional Therapist

Stephanie Cardwell

Plant-based Chef, Allergen-free cooking specialist, Nutritional Therapist

Jerry Joseph-Meade

Plant-based Chef

Valentina Iannucci

Plant-based Chef


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