Sustainability Training for the Food Sector

We have the specialist qualifications and experience to empower your teams with the knowledge and skills needed to implement your Food Sustainability strategy

Our Sustainability Training Courses are all CPD Accredited, and the only Sustainability Training in the Food sector that provides everything  businesses need to empower their teams – from Back to Front of house –
to safely and effectively cater to the increasing numbers of customers
wanting lower-carbon, sustainable and delicious food, and help you with your ESG Reporting.

Practical hands-on techniques and
skills from our Nutrition and Sustainability trained Chefs who are specialists in low carbon, seasonal, sustainable, plant-based, healthy, & free-from cooking

Covering: Regulations and Legislation on Sustainability, allergen management and health claims, practical free-from, plant-based, healthy and reduced waste cooking techniques, and more 

Our Training is CPD Accredited

Sustainability Training

Training delivered by experts with Sustainability, Nutrition, Agriculture and significant food sector expertise, which covers food sector specific challenges and opportunities across the food supply chain from farm to fork and retail

Sustainability Training for Food Sector

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Intro to Sustainability for Food Sector

Sustainability Training for Food sector, covering global sustainability issues and how they interconnect with the food sector.  Training delivered by experts with Sustainability, Agriculture and food sector expertise, which covers food sector specific challenges and opportunities across the food supply chain from farm to fork and retail.

Empower your teams and learn the strategies to implement efficient workflows and practices that embed sustainability across your entire operations, help you cut your emissions to achieve net zero targets, and be more profitable.

Covering: Regulations, customer drivers, sourcing strategies, menu strategies, effective communication skills, customers, investors and more.

This course comprises a unique combination of awareness building, interactive discussions and workshops, and practical skills required to implement effective actions and strategies to embed sustainable practices across processes such as sourcing, recipe and menu strategies, food production and food service, and reduce health and emissions impacts. 

Practical skills include implementing sourcing strategies and standards, communication strategies, as well as practical hands-on techniques and skills from specialist Nutrition trained Chefs who are specialists in low-carbon, nutritionally balanced and plant-based cooking, and waste repurposing for lower emission menu planning.

We’ve partnered with the Royal Agricultural University, FarmED and Chefs Farms, providing credible Sustainability information and learning objectives in all our Training content, and incorporating on-farm education sessions

Farm locations:

FarmED – Chipping Norton, Cotswolds

Chefs Farms – Storrington, West Sussex

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Sustainability Kitchen Team Training

Our BOH and Kitchen Training is the perfect combination of of Sustainability, Health & Safety legislation, and industry best practice, delivered by a Food Health & Safety expert, coupled with practical hands-on Training in sustainable cooking practices such as: low-carbon, plant-based, free-from, healthy and waste repurposing cooking techniques

We work with you to create a bespoke course that fits your business and your team’s skills and needs.  We can train them in online or in-person, in hourly, half-day or full-day sessions.  These can be staggered over days, weeks or months – whatever suits your team schedule and your business opening hours

It’s all about helping you create food that is more sustainable, low carbon, healthier, and more inclusive, so that all customers can enjoy it, regardless of their dietary needs.

SKC Team Providing Training

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Customer Communications Training

Making sure your teams are Trained in the latest regulations, including sustainability and health claims, is not only a compliance requirement, but essential in helping you provide safe and compliant catering to your customers.

Confident, empowered Front of House teams who can speak to your customers with ease about your free-from, sustainable, plant-based and healthy menus, and your sustainability practices, will do wonders to make your customers feel safe and assured, and coming back again and again.  Investing in Training of your teams to build their confidence can help you retain good staff.

Our FOH Training is the only food sector Training that covers content for customer facing staff in Sustainability and free-from and health claims for healthy food, empowering teams to speak confidently and provide accurate safe information to your customers 

Investing in Training of your teams to build their knowledge and confidence can help you retain good staff.

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