More and more consumers want plant-based or free-from meals, and those that support their health, and the health of the environment.  To succeed, businesses need to pro-actively cater well to these customers, to be more profitable and sustainable

How we can help

Recipe Development

We help you create exciting, interesting, healthy menus, with Sustainability at the heart of everything.  We love to celebrate local seasonal produce in menus, which not only reduces food miles, it supports our local farmers.  We focus on low carbon, and reduced waste also, right from the menu and recipe development initial planning.

We work with you to create recipes that build on what makes you unique, not change your style, and help you stand out from your competitors.

It’s all about helping you create food that is more sustainable, more inclusive, so that all customers can enjoy it, regardless of their dietary needs, and with less impact on our health and the environment

Our approach

Our Sustainability Health & Nutrition credentials

We are Chefs with a difference.  We are Nutrition trained, and recognised as Naturopathic Chefs, which means we work with Nature, the seasons, and only use natural ingredients.  

We have a deep understanding of Sustainability, and our approach to Recipe development is to work with nature, the seasons, using herbs and other ingredients not only for taste, but for texture and health.  We use the whole ingredient, to reduce waste, and maximise the nutritional benefits of every part.

We can create recipes that cater to specific diets, and for those with allergies.  We continuously monitor trends to make sure our recipes reflect customers current tastes., and environmental impacts.

There is no 'one size fits all'

There is no ‘one size fits all’, approach to recipe development. That’s why we like working with businesses and their teams to co-create recipes, that suit your style, your kitchen, your teams skills, equipment and your customers.

Your customers already love you for what you do well, so we work with that as a starting point, and then look at opportunities to create some innovative changes to help you appeal to more customers (and reduce your carbon and health impacts and waste in the process),

Not every dish needs to be 100% plant-based to help you reduce your environmental impact

Creating more planet-friendly, healthy recipes, and those that provide more choice for customers with allergies or intolerances doesn’t need to mean a complete black out on animal products or an overhaul of your entire menu!

Simply by reducing the amount of meat and dairy in your recipes, you can help make a difference to the impact on the environment.  Flexitarian customers will be happy about this too.

The Real Meal Deal

Our first choice is to always create recipes using real, natural ingredients, rather than using ingredients or products that are either artificial or highly processed.

Health conscious consumers want real food, not food substitutes.  Many of the ‘meat alternative’ products on the market contain processed ingredients, and some contain allergens such as soy, wheat, and nuts, so using them can risk limiting the amount of customers who can eat them

But if you do want to explore the many innovative ‘meat alternative’ products becoming available, to use in your recipes, we can work with you to find a happy balance, and provide advice on alternatives that are less processed than others.  Your customers will be happy with this approach too.

What you get when you work with us

Recipe development and testing


Our unique team of Nutrition trained Chefs are experienced in creating, sustainable and health centric recipes.  Our expertise covers:

  • Plant-based 
  • Sustainably sourced meat & fish
  • Free-From 14 regulated allergens 
  • Fermented foods
  • Gut health
  • Nutritionally balanced 
  • Maximising UK grown & Seasonal produce
  • Lower carbon menu development
Helping you create recipes with reduced environmental and health impacts, so that your products are more sustainable, and appeal to a wide customer base.  We can also train your teams in these cooking methods, see our CPD Accredited Training below

See some of our great recipes here that we created for the sustainable meal home delivery brand Truli, and some of our other projects for food brands here


Our team of highly experienced Chefs, can be an extension to your team and support you in your product production cooking, either temporarily, or ongoing


We work with you to test the recipes in your kitchen, including development of HACCP plans, shelf life testing and more


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