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For all businesses across the Food supply chain, customers want to know about the Health & Sustainability of the food they produce, to inform their purchase decisions

Consumers now more than ever understand the link between what they eat, their health, and the health of the planet, and want to make food choices that consider the impact on both

Stand out from competitors and attract more customers

No matter where your business is in the Food supply chain, customers are demanding more information on the impact of their food on their health, and the health of our environment

To stay relevant, businesses need to pro-actively communicate their health & sustainability credentials to consumers in relatable ways, to attract health conscious and environmentally aware customers.

In order to sustain profitability, all food sector businesses must keep pace with customer needs, as well as industry drivers to reduce the impact the food industry has on the environment. 

We can help

Through our practical skills & sustainability expertise, we help all businesses across the food supply chain connect to consumer health needs, and environmental concerns, so they can stay relevant, reduce emissions, and be more sustainable and profitable

Who we work with

Food Service

We help businesses cater well to all customers, regardless of their dietary needs or preferences, and regardless of whether those choices are driven by health or environmental concerns.

By helping you create menus that include tasty meal options for a wide customer base, we can help you stand out from your competitors, and attract more customers.

With our Training in the latest plant-based, free-from and healthy cooking trends, we can empower your teams

We have solutions from Back of House to Front of House, so that your customers enjoy a great experience from start to finish, and keep coming back for more

Food Producers

We help existing brands stand out from competitors, by showcasing their products through innovative plant-based, free-from or healthy recipes, photography & video.  New brands can benefit from our experience with new product development, and recipe development, and our extensive network of experienced partners

We can help bring food to life, showing consumers how they can use your brands at home, or for caterers and Chefs in Food service in their commercial kitchens.  We can also use your products in our cooking demonstrations, or Training courses, providing further opportunities for you to build brand awareness.

New brands can benefit from our Nutrition knowledge & specialist plant-based, free-from and healthy cooking experience to help create exciting recipes as part of their New Product Development (NPD).  and recipe development. 

Independent Retail

More customers are experimenting with plant-based, and it’s not just staunch Vegans.  The flexitarian market is huge, and your customers are wanting to try new and innovative foods, or buy them for their family and friends.

Even before lockdown, the rise of the flexitarian consumer was noticeable. One third meals in
homes were meatless, and numerous high street chains introduced plant-based
menus to cater to the growing demand. 

Health is a huge driver too.  Previously consumers sought plant-based products to avoid animal products.
Now, they are considering what is included, and are looking for functional health benefits
like pre or probiotics, fibre, protein, and gut health, whilst still wanting as natural a product as possible.

We are experts in plant-based, free-from and healthy foods, and can help you source quality, interesting products that your customers will love.

Fresh Produce Growers

Now more than ever, consumers are motivated to live healthier lives.  A renewed interest in home cooking is driving more experimental cooking at home, with cooking for health being a huge driver, as well as buying produce from local producers

This provides exciting opportunities for Fresh Produce businesses to help consumers understand the short and long-term power of their eating habits on their health, and the impact on the health of the planet.

We help businesses understand and showcase their health and sustainability credentials, to help them build strong relationships with customers, both consumer and wholesale, leading to the ability to protect margins; provide negotiation bargaining power; raise their brand profile; and increase profits.

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