Helping Food Producers be more Sustainable and Profitable:

Helping food brands reduce their environmental and health impacts, from the recipe to sourcing to packaging and distribution

Supporting you in developing food products that are good for the planet, our health, and good for business

Our services cover the entire product development life cycle:

From Recipe development and testing to sustainable supplier sourcing, labelling and packaging our team can support you in creating healthy & sustainable products that appeal to conscious consumers.  

We also support you in communicating your sustainability and health credentials to consumers, through our Healthy People, Healthy Planet certification mark with QR code, and our recipe  photography and video services

Recipe development and testing


Our unique team of Nutrition trained Chefs are experienced in creating, sustainable and health centric recipes.  Our expertise covers:

  • Plant-based 
  • Free-From 14 regulated allergens 
  • Fermented foods
  • Gut health
  • Nutritionally balanced 
  • Maximising local UK Seasonal produce
  • Lower carbon
Helping you create recipes with reduced environmental and health impacts, so that your products are more sustainable, and appeal to a wide customer base.  We can also train your teams in these cooking methods, see here for details about our CPD Accredited Training

See some of our great recipes here that we created for the sustainable meal home delivery brand Truli, and some of our other projects for food brands here


We work with recognised laboratories and testing partners throughout the UK and abroad, to support you in shelf life testing and development



Our team of highly experienced Chefs, can be an extension to your team and support you in your product production cooking, either temporarily, or ongoing


Sustainable Supplier Sourcing

Drawing on our extensive network of sustainable suppliers and regenerative farmers, and our supply chain experience, we help you develop sustainable sourcing strategies that reduce your emissions, and other environmental and health impacts.  

All businesses need to reduce their scope 3 emissions, to achieve Net Zero targets, and we connect you with suppliers who are pro-actively reducing theirs, so that you can build collaborative partnerships that achieve a more positive impact on our world, helping you be more sustainable and profitable.

Sustainable Packaging and Labelling

We can help you design and develop sustainable packaging solutions and provide guidance for labelling in a way that is compliant with green claims and health claims regulations.  

QR codes help tell your customers your healthy & sustainable food stories

Customers love to know more about how their food is produced.

Human health is equally as important as carbon impacts when assessing the sustainability of our food choices.

Combining our joint expertise in Nutrition & Sustainability Healthy People, Healthy Planet is the only sustainability assessment that assesses the health and environmental impact of meals, valuing human health as equally as planetary health, evaluating ingredients and sourcing practices

Display our QR code certification mark, and shine a spotlight on your delicious, healthy, and sustainable menu items.

Unique Health AND Carbon information for your customers

Brand Ambassador, Photography, Video to tell your Sustainable food stories

We help bring your food stories to life through Brand Ambassador work, incorporating recipes, photography, video, live cooking demos and more.

Filming content for sustainability expert chef Julie

Need a better grasp of Sustainability in the food sector? We know how to help.

We provide training courses that cover a wide range of topics within covers all food business regulations, from ESGs, Sustainability, Allergens & Nutrition to empower your team with the key information they need to create great menus, stand out from your competitors, and communicate better with and attract more customers: 

Sustainability Training

Our courses are CPD accredited and can equip your team with the right knowledge and tools to understand and confidently navigate the topic of food sustainability. They cover: 

  • Sustainability for food producers 
  • Soil Health 
  • Allergens and Nutrition
  • Environmental regulatory landscape for food sector 
  • Communication 


Covering Sustainable recipe and menu development, Sustainable sourcing strategies, low carbon, healthy, plant-based, free-from cooking techniques


Course participants will have the unique opportunity of learning first hand how sustainable farming practices are improving soil health and biodiversity and producing healthier and tastier food. 


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  • Chipping Norton, Cotswolds, UK
  • Storrington, West Sussex, UK

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