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More and more consumers want plant-based or free-from meals, and those that support their health and the health of the environment.  To succeed, businesses need to pro-actively cater well to these customers, so they can attract these customers, and be more profitable and sustainable 

78% of Vegans eat out in non-Vegan restaurants

£673m – estimated value of ‘free-from’ industry

£100m – annual value of gluten-free business Food sector is missing out on

Customer food choices are changing

The rise in customers seeking menu options with less meat and dairy shows no sign of slowing down, driven by the explosive rise in Veganism, and those adopting a flexitarian diet for either health or environmental reasons.

It’s estimated 45% of UK Adults have a food allergy or intolerance.  They are looking for hospitality businesses that can cater well for their needs.

A Sainbury’s study estimates 1/4 of Brits will be vegetarian in 2025 (up from 1 in 8 today) and 1/2 will identify as Flexitarians (up from 1/5 today)

Consumers are seeking food that support their health, with trends showing increased interest in food that supports gut health, immunity, moods.  And they want it to taste good.

“Never before has the link between food and human and planetary health created such huge opportunities for Food Service businesses. “

“Managing a profitable Food service business in a competitive market is hard enough, let alone finding time to train your staff, identify new suppliers and create delicious, healthy, on-trend dishes that customers want”.

“We are specialists in plant-based, free-from and healthy sustainably produced food. As more customers make the switch to diets with less meat and dairy, and more focus on health, we can help you future-proof your business by helping you cater to these diners, whilst not losing sight of what makes you unique”.

“By working with us you get to leverage our health credentials, skills and years of experience, so that you can be free to do what you do best – run your day-to-day operations”.

How we can help

Recipe Development

We help you create exciting, interesting, healthy menus that cater to a wide base of customers, regardless of their dietary choices or needs.  

We work with you to create recipes that build on what makes you unique, not change your style, and help you stand out from your competitors.

It’s all about helping you create a menu that is more inclusive, so that all customers have a good number of choices, so they choose your business when dining out.  

There is no ‘one size fits all’, approach to recipe development. That’s why we like working with businesses and their teams to co-create recipes, that suit your business, your kitchen, your teams and your customers.

Sustainability Training - Back of House, Front of House - Online and in-person

Back of House & Kitchen Teams

We provide Training in Sustainability for Food sector, plus plant-based, free-from and healthy cooking, so that your teams feel empowered, knowledgeable, and can create great recipes that reduce your emissions, and that your customers will love.

We come to you – Online, or in-person.  There’s no better venue to learn new cooking techniques than in the environment you know, with your equipment, and your kitchen workflow.  Or if more convenient, we have partner Kitchens that we can use.  Many of our modules can also be taught online, such as Introduction to Fermentation.

Front of House Teams

Our unique Training includes specific modules tailored for your Front of House Teams.  We give them an extensive overview of  Sustainability, plant-based, free-from and healthy dishes, including regulations around health claims.  We take them through role-plays covering specific questions that customers could ask, so they are confident to give safe and accurate information to all customers

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'Healthy People, Healthy Planet' mark

Eating healthier options that are good for us nutritionally, as well as low in carbon emissions can have a profound impact not only on our health, but also the health of our environment.

The choice of the food we eat is one of the biggest ways that individuals can cut their food carbon emissions.

Recent years have seen some limited customer information about ‘planet-friendly’ food options, however that information very rarely includes the impact on our human health. 

Our ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet’ mark signposts customers to menu options that have been assessed as Healthy for us, and with low carbon emissions.  We have partnered with to create this mark of approval, to help you easily showcase to your customers your specific meals that are better for all of us.

Adapting your menu to cater better to a wide base of customers, and Training your team so they can create their own delicious plant-based, free-from and healthier dishes is a great first step to attracting more customers

But there’s more to making sure your operations are fully ready to provide a great end-to-end dining experience for these customers, to keep them returning.  Here are more ways we can help…

More ways we can help

Composting the Kitchen Waste

Food waste repurposing & reduction

Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, as well as being a huge drain on profits.  

We work with your team to reduce and repurpose food waste, right from the recipe development stage, to help you embed good food waste management processes that can help you cut your operating costs, and help the environment.

Schedule a Sustainability Assessment with us, so we can help you identify cost saving and greener practices that your whole operations can benefit from.

Vegan high protein dried health food collection with nuts, seeds, legumes, whole wheat pasta, grains and cereals. Foods high in fibre, antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamins and minerals. Top view on hessian background.

Supply Chain

We introduce you to suppliers of great products and ingredients that are core to plant-based, free-from and healthy cooking techniques.  Plus great suppliers that are doing good things to minimise their impact on the environment.

Finding the right suppliers for your business should be personal.  We have an extensive network of suppliers from large to small that we work with to find you the best ingredients, plus the best fit for you, to help your business be more sustainable.

The camera takes off the cooking process in the kitchen of a European brunette man.

Video, Photography & Social Media

Adapting your menu to cater to more customers is a great first step.  Telling them about that new menu in a visually engaging way is the final (refined sugar free!) icing on the cake.

Sharing photographs of food seems to be one of the world’s favourite pastimes, so it makes sense to invest in good photography of a new menu.

Our Chefs, food stylists (and if needed – our extended team of professional photographers and videographers) work with you to create mouth-watering content that will create great customer engagement.

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