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A food revolution is happening as consumers recognise the link between their food choices, their personal health, and the health of the planet. 

Never before has this strong link between food and human health created such huge opportunities for Fresh Produce businesses  

Customer interest in Fresh produce is changing

Historically there have been broadly two consumer groups – those who’s buying choices have been influenced by food stories, environment, ethics and health over price and taste, and those who are more likely to prioritise affordability or flavour. 

But now, more than ever, both of those broad consumer groups are motivated to live healthier lives. They see how they have the power to influence their health through their food and drink choices.

This provides exciting opportunities for Fresh Produce businesses to help consumers understand the short and long-term power of their eating habits on their health, and also the impact on the health of the planet

Health is Wealth!  How can Fresh Produce businesses speak about healthy food to consumers who have not previously had a culture of equating food to health? How can businesses create these conversations?  We can help

How we can help

Check out some of our work as British Leeks Ambassador, with Video & Recipes on the British Leeks website here:


Brand Advocates, Recipe Development, Video and Photography

The more businesses are able to understand and showcase their uniqueness, the better they can build strong relationships with their customers, both consumer and wholesale, leading to the ability to protect margins; provide negotiation bargaining power; raise their brand profile; and increase profits.


Traditional marketing incorporating annual exhibits or trade shows has already been disrupted through social distancing.  A positive outcome is that marketing budgets can be diverted to the creation of innovative, health centric recipes, videos and articles, for promoting via digital channels.


With consumers engaging in more scratch cooking, businesses can tell their story in health centric ways that consumers can relate to, and implement easily into their lives. 


Chefs will need to cater well to these health conscious consumers in the out-of-home sector, which provides opportunity for businesses to build closer connections with them, so that they better understand their brand health credentials, and become strong advocates and promoters of their products.


And let’s not forget your staff as customers! The more they understand your product’s health potential the more they can be your biggest brand assets and advocates.

We work with you to create brand stories that shine a spotlight on the health and sustainability credentials of your products and your business as a whole.

We have strong partnerships with industry experts with 30+ years working across the full food supply chain, including Manufacturing, Branding and Retail, bringing products to market from farm to fork

This creates unique partnerships which combine our specialist Nutrition and plant-based and healthy cooking skills, with broad industry experience, to help businesses increase profitability and sustainability through appealing to health aware customers, adopting sustainable farming practices, reducing and optimising waste, and connecting with manufacturing and Retail to create new products and brands

Our Partners

Rob Ward

CEO, Forward Food Tech

Rob Ward was a farmer for the first 30 years of his life, becoming one of the largest soft fruit suppliers to the UK supermarkets. He patented the world’s first commercially available field-scale hydroponics strawberry growing system.

He is currently CEO of Forward Food Tech, and works with a thriving team of agriculture and food tech experts to support innovative businesses building the future of the Agri-Foodtech industry. He works directly with private investors, to connect them with Agri-foodtech businesses, to develop and support effective investments and nurture and grow innovative Agri-foodtech solutions.

Rob’s wide experience places him as someone that has a full understanding of the entire supply chain, from farming, food production to consumption, particularly in launching businesses in the Ag-tech and Food-tech sectors. 

Rob has built and sold five business in agriculture and food industries. From Agricultural Tech, Grocery Retail; CPG Grocery Wholesale; Food Brand Investment Accelerator and Food Technology.

Sally Fowler

CEO, Safe Routers

  • 30 years Food industry experience – “Field to Fork”
  • Expertise in Technical management, NPD process & Food Safety management
  • Supply requirements to major Retail multiples
  • Auditing, Training & Mentoring

How our Partnerships help your business

New Product Development

The global plant-based and healthy snacks and drinks sector has seen enormous growth in recent years! There are many a success story of Fresh Produce companies connecting with established brands to make innovative  on-trend plant-based and healthy snacks

We connect your produce with New Product Development trends, connect you to our Manufacturing network, and can create products and brands with your products as the start of the show, to provide additional revenue streams for you – whilst minimising the workload of you and your team, and interruption to your day-to-day operations!

Let our extensive experience and network work for you, to help you increase your profits

Creating profits from unharvested crop or by-product

There are huge opportunities for creating commercial value from unharvested crop, by-product or ‘wonky’ fruit & veg.

There are opportunities to make food products for humans or pets, plus also other items such as packaging, or clothing that can be made from plant leaves, roots or more.  

Leverage our skills, experience and network to help you create profits from waste, helping you be more profitable and sustainable.

Growing for Soil Health & Human Health

Seed companies are increasingly seeing opportunities to not only innovate to promote healthier soil, and yields, but also healthier produce.

We can connect you with latest health and sustainability related Agri-food tech innovations to facilitate collaborations, designed to help your business stay relevant, and grow.

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