Sustainable Supply Chains

Helping food sector businesses source suppliers that are growing and producing fresh ingredients in a way that is good for human health AND the planet

Your Sustainable Sourcing Strategy

Sustainable Sourcing Assessment & Recommendations

Sustainability Benchmarking Assessment

How truly sustainable is your supply chain?

We can help you assess your current suppliers, and source new more sustainable suppliers, so that you can reduce your impacts on the environment, and human health.

We assess your existing suppliers, and connect you with our extensive network of Farmers and Suppliers with a Sustainable ethos, to help you build more sustainable sourcing strategies

Drawing on our extensive network of sustainable suppliers and regenerative farmers, and our supply chain experience, we help you develop sustainable sourcing strategies that reduce your emissions, and other environmental and health impacts.  

All businesses need to reduce their scope 3 emissions, to achieve Net Zero targets, and we connect you with suppliers who are pro-actively reducing theirs, so that you can build collaborative partnerships that achieve a more positive impact on our world, helping you be more sustainable and profitable.

Sustainable Sourcing Report

Our Report is the first step in helping you quantify your supply chain impacts, and creating your Sustainable Sourcing Strategy

Your Roadmap for success

Our reports follow a consistent methodology, covering multiple Sustainability metrics, providing a balanced score card type view of individual suppliers, helping you make informed decisions quickly

We can help your business create a Roadmap for improving your Sustainability, with our recommendations for new suppliers, or how you communicate your Sustainability stories to your customers

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