Training for your Front of House Team

Empower your FOH team to confidently speak to customers about your healthy, plant-based, free-from & sustainable options, and BOH processes

“Our Training is not only CPD Accredited, it is the only Training in the sector that provides everything  businesses need – from back to front of house –
to safely and effectively cater to the increasing numbers of customers
wanting plant-based, healthy & free-from food.”

“A unique combination of risk and control learning objectives delivered by
a Food Safety expert, combined with practical hands-on techniques and
skills from our Nutrition trained Chefs who are specialists in plant-based,
healthy, & free-from cooking.”  

Covering: Legislation on allergen management and health claims, practical free-from, plant-based, healthy and reduced waste cooking techniques, and more 

How we can help

Our Training is CPD Accredited

Our full course content also provides everything attendees need to
achieve a RSPH Certification: Level 2 Award in Identifying &
Controlling Food Allergy Risks, as well as the enhanced content that we provide in other topics such as plant-based, free-from and healthy & sustainable cooking

FOH Team Training

Our FOH Training is the only food sector Training that covers content for customer facing staff in plant-based, free-from and health claims for healthy food, empowering teams to speak confidently and provide accurate safe information to your customers 

We cover: legislation, regulations and best-practice, including for health claims, as well as health and sustainability trends, so that your staff are well informed of customer expectations

It’s all about helping you deliver an end-to-end excellent service to your customers, regardless of their dietary needs, making them feel safe and reassured, so they keep coming back again and again

Our Training outline

  • Module 3: Front. ofHouse & internal comms – 3.5 hours, or 2 online modules Per delegate: £100 + vat

★ £400 discounted rate per delegate if all modules 1, 2 & 3 (incorporating BOH, Kitchen & FOH Training content) booked at same time.  See Modules 1 & 2 here

  • Module 3a – Communications – internal & customer – Effective internal and external communications, to deliver safe, compliant service and a positive dining experience for customers
    • Identify Regulations, Legislation, and industry best practice which relate to allergen management, free-from claims, catering to plant-based/vegan consumers, and health & nutrition claims.
    • Learn free-from and plant-based ingredients cooking principles & techniques, so they can talk confidently with customers to make them feel at ease and welcome
    • Learn how to comply with current Food Safety Legislation and how to identify and control allergenic and cross contamination hazards
    • Learn about Health & Nutrition trends, and the Legislation on health claims, to ensure they are communicated appropriately and confidently to customers.

    Module 3b – Communications – internal & customer – Positive communication techniques, role plays, practical skills to deliver a positive dining experience for customers; implementing effective internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for end to end enlightened customer dining experience from back to front of house

    • Identify opportunities to improve the end to end dining experience for customers, through the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that enhance the process from customer booking through to delivery, and service.
    • An understanding of the appropriate signage, menu designs and recipe / allergen tables, required to communicate all things to do with allergens and other free-from claims
    • And understanding of the latest technology (web based and phone apps) that can be used to ensure all members of staff are providing consistent information to customers.
    • Role plays – Learn in practice, to have the confidence to use the right language, and service approach to deliver a safe, positive experience to all customers, so customers will want to return again and again

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