Valentina Iannucci - Plant-based, free-from chef

Valentina has a huge passion for natural health, healing the body holistically through seasonal organic plants and natures remedies.
Having qualified as a Vegan Chef at the College of Naturopathic Medicine Valentina has worked at leading restaurants including Stem and Glory.  She has undertaken further study into sustainable, healthy food.  She has become a master at vegan patisserie and sells organic superfood cakes incorporating ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms, an array of seaweeds and many other healthy ingredients.
She loves foraging and creating new dishes from what she finds on nature’s grounds, and has  recently worked with Bristol fungarium where they cultivate medicinal mushrooms.  Valentina is also currently studying medicinal plants, leaves and flowers and realising that identification of certain trees can be a great way to discover new medicine as certain fungi grow under certain trees.
She is also passionate about fermentation, including making kombucha, cultured condiments, dehydrated foraged food, superfood cakes, wild bakes, etc.  

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