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How Sustainable is your business?

With our extensive Sustainability and Food sector experience, and strong network of suppliers, we can assess how Sustainable your business is, from your supplier sourcing to your menus, and more

So you can identify where you're doing well, and where you can improve, and help you create your

Your Sustainability Road Map

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Sustainability Benchmarking Assessment

The first step in creating your business Sustainability Roadmap is to understand how Sustainable your business currently is, and where you can improve.

Our unique assessment doesn’t just focus on Carbon impacts – our experienced team understand all too well that there’s far more to Sustainability and the Food sector that your business needs to comply with. That’s why our approach is holistic, and looks at multiple aspects of your Operations to cover both Healthy People and Healthy Planet: Some of the things we cover: Menu assessment to quantify the Carbon & Health impacts; Supply Chain review; Waste management approach; to Menu calorie and Allergen reviews. 

We provide a single team solution and credible tools to support your business on your Sustainability journey

We are experts in Sustainability with solid academic credentials, meaning our Carbon assessment methodology aligns to GHG Protocols and the latest scientific research.  We are also Nutrition trained, and our unique Health assessment has been independently reviewed and endorsed by Heads of Nutrition at a leading UK University.  This coupled with our extensive Food sector experience means you can be sure our assessment of your business will provide maximum value to help you benchmark and confirm what you’re currently doing well, and where you can improve

Benchmark Report

Our Report is the first step in creating your business Sustainability Roadmap

Our broad experience provides your business with a more holistic service

We work with you to determine the scope of our assessment, with the areas of focus you need most.  We then meet with your key team members to obtain the information we need to undertake our work – menus, recipes, suppliers, and other relevant operational processes

Health and Carbon Assessments

Allergen Assessments

Your Roadmap for success

Our report can help your business create a Roadmap for improving your Sustainability, with our recommendations for new recipes added to your menu, or supplier recommendations, or how you communicate your Sustainability stories to your customers. 

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Calorie Assessments

Sustainable Supply Chain Assessments

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