Stela Brix - Visual Design Manager

Stela is an artist graduating from Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths who uses her creative skills to help visually communicate the Sustainable Kitchen Consultants services, outline the relationship between its various projects all the way from farm to fork, and to help create visual impact reports for clients that are clear and impactful.

One of the core themes of Stela’s art is reusability, and so she feels a strong alignment with this and one the missions of Sustainable Kitchen Consultants to repurpose food to reduce negative planetary impacts. She loves to give used objects new meaning, questioning what is waste, and often uses natural materials such as thorns, stones, bark, tree sap and leaves in her art.

Having grown up hiking in the Slovakian forest every weekend, she loves wild nature and foraging for mushrooms, all kinds of berries, herbs and thistles. She is always trying to learn more about native plants, such as exploring the artistic and edible properties of eucalyptus tree sap and lemon myrtle in Australia. Even in London she finds every possible way to forage, from creating lip balm out of rose petals to making elderflower syrup and rosehip tea, according to the season, passionate to creatively make use of what is around her.

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