Giacomo Ranalli - Manager, Sustainable Supply Chains

Giacomo graduated from the MSc Environmental Technology program at Imperial College London, which emphasised the application of innovative technologies to address complex environmental and sustainability challenges. His studies allowed him to combine his long-standing passion for cooking with his academic interest in sustainable supply chains and the structural issues that underlie our current food system. Through his coursework, Giacomo gained a deep understanding of the importance of sustainable supply chains in creating a more resilient and environmentally conscious food system. With his unique blend of expertise in environmental technology and culinary arts, Giacomo is poised to make a meaningful contribution to the development of sustainable supply chains and the creation of a more sustainable future for all.

Throughout his degree, Giacomo specialised in supply chain sustainability, focusing on sustainable and regenerative farming methods. He led a three month-long, five-person project on ‘Fairness in Global Food Supply Chains’, where he identified and analysed pressing sustainability issues along the cocoa and sugar food supply chains from Cote D’Ivoire and Brazil to the EU and developed a comprehensive set of recommendations to tangibly address them. These were validated by stakeholders including farmers’ and multinationals’ representatives as well as food and agricultural policy experts, with whom he developed an iterative relationship that guided the drafting of his final report. His framework ultimately constituted a call to action for policymakers and manufacturers to radically improve food supply chains.

For his MSc thesis, Giacomo examined the potential of regenerative techniques to enhance the sustainability and profitability of the Kenyan farming sector. He analyzed how these techniques could be leveraged to create sustainable supply chains and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Western Kenya. His research findings hold promise in informing long-term policies that promote sustainable development across rural farming communities, particularly in terms of creating sustainable supply chains that benefit both farmers and the environment. Giacomo’s work highlights the importance of implementing regenerative techniques in the agricultural sector to achieve sustainable and profitable outcomes that support the needs of communities and the planet.

These projects he undertook helped him realise the importance of sustainable food production in this time in history and drove his decision to gain a more hands-on experience within sustainable food supply chains. 

Working with Sustainable Kitchen Consultants Giacomo has been fundamental in developing and launching the Healthy People, Healthy Planet Certification mark, and translating his skills and background to help other businesses adopt more sustainable models, and he is passionate about contributing in the long run to the transition to more sustainable food systems.

Giacomo Ranalli

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