Amanda Kasbarian - Photography, Video

Amanda is an invaluable member of Sustainable Kitchen Consultants (SKC), serving as their photographer and videographer. She plays a crucial role in promoting SKC’s sustainability services to food sector businesses. Leveraging her creative skills and industry knowledge, Amanda is instrumental in developing effective marketing campaigns on various social media platforms, with a specific focus on LinkedIn marketing.

Originally from Brazil, Amanda’s personal experience with diabetes fuels her passion for healthy living and a sustainable lifestyle. Her content creation showcases the benefits of sustainable practices in the food industry, including food waste reduction and promoting healthier food options. Her dedication to health and sustainability aligns perfectly with SKC’s mission to build a more ethical and sustainable food system.

Amanda’s diverse cultural background and industry experience provide a unique perspective to the SKC team. She incorporates vibrant and colorful elements inspired by her Brazilian heritage into her work, capturing the essence of SKC’s message. Her high-quality photography and videography work showcases her attention to detail, ensuring that every shot is perfect and on-brand.

Apart from her photography and videography work, Amanda collaborates with the core team to develop effective marketing campaigns that resonate with SKC’s target audience. She leverages her knowledge of each social media platform to create engaging content that drives traffic and increases SKC’s online presence. Her contributions to SKC’s marketing efforts have been vital to its industry leadership.

Overall, Amanda’s passion, creativity, and knowledge make her an essential part of the SKC team. She is committed to promoting sustainability in the food industry, and her expertise has undoubtedly helped SKC achieve its goals of creating a more ethical and sustainable food system. Her talent and dedication are a testament to the value she brings to SKC’s success.

Our photographer and videographer Amanda at Sustainable Kitchen Consultants

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