Webinars & Training

We provide Training & Webinars covering a range of challenges that food service businesses face in being able to cater well for health conscious diners, from Operational considerations, to Kitchen skills & techniques, to Front of House training for your customer facing staff.

Our training programmes are designed to empower Kitchen teams in the required skills & techniques needed to deliver more variety of delicious menu options to an ever more conscious customer base, who are looking for quality providers of allergen free, plant based, sustainable and locally sourced outstanding food

Our aim is to support businesses in the transition to meet the needs of these customers & exceed their expectations, be profitable, and sustainable, putting the health & wellbeing of people and the planet at the forefront of everything they do

Bespoke – Training can be tailored for team learning and customised for just You or Your business, as well as include new menu development and implementation strategies

Our Webinars

Operational teams - Owners, Managers

Operational considerations

Best practice, Suppliers & supply chain controls, Regulatory compliance, Technology, Accreditation

Chefs & Kitchen teams

And many more to come....

Front of House teams

Internal comms, Customer interaction, empowering staff to give customer service excellence

Latest Technology & tools to support internal communication between Kitchen & front of house



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